Inga Aru



1964 born in Tallinn, Estonia

1982 academic high school diploma, Tallinn, Estonia

1982–1984 training in a state architecture firm, Tallinn, Estonia

1985–1991 studied painting at the Estonian State Academy of Arts in Tallinn under Prof. T. Pääsuke; M.A. degree

1985–1991 graphic art and history of arts by Tönis Vint “Studio 22”, Estonia

1989–1993 founding member of the group „Grafik Galerie Studio“, Estonia

1991 exchange scholarship at Muthesius Art College Kiel, Germany

1992 work scholarship of the Ministry of Education Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

1995 Bonhoeffer scholarship, Kiel, Germany

since 1993 living and working in Germany

since 1994 teaching assignments in the field of painting

since 2000 co-creation of sculptures: idea, concept and realisation together with Wolfgang Gramm

since 1999 management and co-curation of the international art exhibition NordArt in Germany

2009 Award: International Sculpture Park Ordos City (Project Ordos 100), China
(steel sculpture „Muse of Industry“, hight 8 Meter)

2012 Bronze Award: The Second China • Wuhu Liu Kaiqu Award International Sculpture Exhibition

International Copper sculpture Exhibition Tongling, China (2010)
China Taizhou International Urban Sculpture Symposium (2010)
13th China Changchun (Jingyue) Sculpture Symposium (2012)
4th International Urban Sculpture Festival JIMO, Qingdao, China (2015)

since 1986 numerous exhibitions in the Baltic, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,
Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, China, USA and Germany

Estonian Artists Association
German Association of Fine Artists (BBK)

Works bought by public institutions:
including National Art Museum Estonia; State Art Museum in Tartu, Estonia; Art Fund Estonia;
city of Rendsburg, Germany; city of Pribyslaw, Czech Republic; Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China.

Art in public spaces, and architectural art commissions in Estonia, Germany, China.